Here in Australia it is the summer holidays, where everybody’s aim is to have as much fun in the sun as possible. But we all know how dangerous the sun can be, so here are some simple tips to stay safe this summer.

Wear a hat and sunscreen.
Try and stay in the shade.
Be aware of how long you have been in the sun so you know when to re-apply sunscreen.
Don’t completely rub sunscreen all the way in, it will give you better protection against burns.
And wear, wait for it………. NAIL POLISH? Yes, you can actually get a cancer under your finger and toe nails. Wearing nail polish will protect them from the harsh summer sun.

Test your knowledge!

Test your knowledge with this fun quiz. Submit your answers by commenting on this post and writing your answers in order. If you leave your blog URL I will comment back with your results. No cheating!

1) What is the largest organ in your body?
2) What is the largest internal organ in your body?
3) What was the Northern Gondwana?
4) Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
5) What is a basilisk? (not the one in Harry Potter)
6) What are the 3 primary colours?
7) What are the 3 secondary colours?

Good luck! 🙂


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Everyone loves holidays, probably because you’re not at school and you can catch up with your friends and have fun together. But what I really love about holidays, is escaping to the country, taking in a big breath of fresh air that hasn’t been contaminated by the hustle and bustle of the city. I love waking up to the sweet sound of the birds chirping, bacon sizzling on the griddle and wombats munching on grass a mere 10 metres away. During the day I trek through the bush with mum and my sister, hoping to discover a new secluded oasis for everybody to enjoy. Just walking up our terribly steep driveway on our way back from our endeavour is a challenge in itself. Seeing the house pop out from the trees sends a huge wave of relief on top of us, returning to nice cool house exhausted, sweaty and probably covered in paralysis ticks. In the evening we sit outside while waiting for our ‘Saturday Roast’ to cook, we sit in the cool night air and listen to the loud call of the rare Great Bard Frog.

Even though I’ve just spent two weeks off school relaxing and enjoying my well-deserved break, once I got into class it felt like I was in the middle of term. But that will probably not be the case next year on my first day of year seven!

The Junior School Music Concert

On Wednesday night at RC we had our annual Junior School Music Concert. This year I was particularly excited because I (accompanied by the rest of year 6) would be performing in the year 6 graduation dance. It’s something that everybody looks forward to every year and it is always spectacular. It is choreographed by Vanessa, a ‘So You Think You Can Dance Australia’ finalist. We spent countless hours training hard and having fun preparing for the big night. There were also lots of other songs and dances put together by students and our music teacher. Apart from song and dance, there were bands, small groups and quartets. Overall, I thought the music concert this year was a big hit, and I have no idea whats going to happen next year.

Camp in Canberra!

It was a cold and dark morning. As mum and I turned into Hill St not a sound could be heard except the slow rumbling of the car coming to a stop on the side of the road opposite to the train station. I looked at my watch, 5:10 am it said. I was excited yet nervous for year 6’s trip to Canberra. Everyone was waiting for Monday 13th September and finally it had come.

Because we left so early, we had plenty of time to do a lot of things on the first day. We were scheduled to travel to the Electoral Education Centre, Old Parliament House, Floriade and Parliament House. Sadly, we were unable to visit Floriade because it was too crowded. Instead, we climbed to the top of Mt Ainslie (by bus) to view the Parliamentary Triangle. My favourite place for the day was the Electoral Education Centre because there were different interactive stations that taught us all about elections. We also got to experience a real vote and learned about how the votes are counted.

On the second day we journeyed to Questacon, National Capital Exhibition, National Film and Sound Archive, National Gallery and the Australian Institute of Sport. That day I had 3 favourites because I just couldn’t decide which one was the best. My 3 favourites were Questacon, National Film and Sound Archive and the Australian Institute of sport. At Questacon everything blew me away! I loved the Awesome Earth and Sideshow rooms, and I’ll never forget gazing up at their famous, 6.7m high giant freefall towering over me. I loved the NSFA because we got to see ads and parts of TV shows and movies going back nearly 110 years! It’s amazing to see how much TV has improved! The AIS was great because we got to see where Australian athletes train. We also got to have fun in different simulators doing different sports. I loved the alpine skiing simulator.

I woke up on the final day excited to see my family, but sad to leave Canberra. We only saw the National Museum, the War Memorial and the National Portrait Gallery. My favourite destination for that day was the War Memorial because it made me realise what hundreds of thousands of Aussie men and women who gave their lives for us. Hearing some of their stories really moved me. There were also fun interactive areas in the discovery zone that were so much fun. We also visited the tomb of the unknown soldier. It symbolizes all of the Australian soldiers that were killed and not identified.

In conclusion, camp in Canberra was extremely fun and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to do fun things, so basically everyone. I learned so much more than I ever would have in class and I would love to do it again. I am also grateful of Mrs F, Mrs O and Mrs H for organising and taking us on this trip.

Happy National Threatened Species Day!

Today is a very special day. Today we can realise that lots of species of our treasured native wildlife are critically endangered. Please help our furry friends by donating to charities like RSPCA, WISPA, Green Peace and WIRES. You can also help by not littering, and respecting our wildlife and remembering that we share our community with many little creatures.

So every time it is the 7/9/10 think about the threatened species in your country.

Jessica Watson vistis our school

On Monday the 9th of August our school was lucky enough to have a visit from Jessica Watson, world famous sailor, to talk to us about her new book, ‘True Spirit’. It was very interesting hear about not just her adventures out at sea, but all the preparation before. It was great hear her story from Jessica herself because you really understand it more.
I was lucky enough to get a signed book and a picture with her. I started reading it last night and it is really good.

All about me

Hello everybody!
My name is Ilana and I am 11 years old. I have a dog named Kenya, a cat named Bruce, two horses named Tas and Milo and a bearded dragon named Fafnir. I love school and learning new things and creating this blog has expanded my knowledge about computers. Most weekends I love escaping to the country and trying new things on my motorbike. (It’s not really completely mine, but I still own one third of it.) I love BMX, motorcross, (those two things are different) snorkelling, bushwalking, writing, and just relaxing and having fun with friends. I love having an action-packed life and not spending all my free time watching television.